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Double Dragon Revive Is A New Fully 3D Take On The Series

The Double Dragon series has been around since the arcades in 1987 and has managed to maintain a surprisingly consistent release cadence in those more than 35 years. It was only last year that we played Double Dragon Gaiden, a pixelated throwback brawler (or belt-scroll action game, per its official YouTube description) take on the franchise.

This next entry is decidedly more modern, with fully 3D visuals. It’s not the first time the series has explored this dimension, but it is a rare occurrence. The game is being developed by Yuke’s, the developer that worked on the WWE 2K franchise until 2K19 and most recently developed AEW: Fight Forever. It is being published, or presented by, as the trailer implies, Arc System Works, the developer behind Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Double Dragon Revive is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and One, and PC sometime in 2025.

For a whole lot more on Double Dragon, but maybe not the version of Double Dragon you’re thinking, head here to read all about the 1994 movie. Back in 2019, I tracked down the film’s director, James Yukich, to talk about the bizarre film’s trajectory, what went wrong, and what he would have done differently had he been giving a chance to try making the film again.

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