What Happens When You Put A Steel Axe In A Hydraulic Press

Whether you’re a diehard Timbersports enthusiasts, a wild camping / bushcraft person exploring their wood chopping options, a hydraulic press enthusiast, a lumberjack, or someone who’s just stumbled on this video completely by accident, there might be something here for you to enjoy. What is it? Well, in short, it’s a video of some axes getting crushed by a powerful, industrial, machine.

Is it anything more than that? No. Not really.

It’s a a video of some axes getting put through their paces in a hydraulic press.

Anything more than that? No. That’s pretty much it.

No, come on. Really. What is it?

It is, and we can’t stress this enough, some axes getting squeezed by some truly intense, almost god-like, pressure on the obscure, and incredibly popular (they’ve got 2.89 million subscribers), Hydraulic Press YouTube Channel.

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