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Why we chose the Revolt 121: Fun, floaty, powerful

Lengths (cm): 177, 184 & 191cm
Sidecut (mm): 143 / 121 / 135 (All Lengths)
Radius: (R1) 20m, (R2) 19, (R3) 20 (184cm)
Rocker Profile: Rocker-Camber-Rocker
Weight (per ski): 2,320g (184cm)
Price: £650


To round this ski up, I could simply point you in the direction of a Legs of Steel production. You would understand much more about how these skis are built and why they are so popular, so please go and watch their stuff after reading this review. A culmination of Volkl’s professional backcountry team and Head ski engineers, who are responsible for some of the brands best creations, the Revolt 121 is nothing short of brilliant (even when compared to what they’ve created in the past). 

Built to withstand some of the biggest impacts in the backcountry, whether that be a natural cliff drop or the consequences of a huge handmade booter, this freeride ski can take a beating. On top of this, it’s also the perfect tool to find yourself skiing fresh lines in the world’s deepest snow with.

Constructed with a multilayer woodcore, a combination of poplar and beech, the Revolt 121 has a playful feel in the tip and tail. As the ski tapers towards the centre though, it becomes stiffer and more solid to aid the stomping of those landings. This is all paired together with the full sidewall construction of the ski, which increases durability but also allows the ski to have a more natural flex pattern as it reaches the thinner tip and tail. 

At 121mm under the foot, the primary aim of this ski is to fully maximise performance in the soft snow. Taking this ski on piste would be like trying to cut steak with a butter knife, it just wouldn’t work out the way you’d want it to. These skis are notably seen under the feet of Freeride World Tour podium skiers and, no surprises, they tend to want to steer clear from groomed tracks as much as possible.

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