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Why we chose the Nordica Unleashed 108: Powerful, floaty, damp

Lengths (cm): 174, 180, 186 & 191cm
Sidecut (mm): 141 / 108 / 130 (186 cm)
Radius: 19.7m (186 cm)
Rocker Profile: Rocker-Camber-Rocker
Weight (per ski): 2,120g (186cm)
Price: £820


Here’s a ski that’s tailored towards a more modern style of freeskier than its predecessor, the Soul Rider. Nordica aren’t usually known for building the most playful and fun planks of wood on the market, yet this ski seemingly flies in the face of that. This freeride ski has its eyes set on the boots of skiers who are looking to maximise performance on the most impressive terrain in the mountains, as well as those shredders who want to snake their way through tight, tree-infested, forests at lower altitudes. 

Although it is offered in narrower waist widths, the Unleashed 108 has an incredible ability to turn in a nimble fashion when needed. It is certainly the tool you want to have on your feet if you ever find yourself heading into the unknown.

The wider nose will provide the floatation needed to stay at the surface of the snow, but also prove to be an invaluable weapon if it ever comes into contact with cruddier, less predictable, snow. It will plough straight through, without making a fuss.

Neither is this ski going to be a stranger to being in the air, whether that may be cliff drops in outlandish terrain, jibs off the side of the piste or even park booters, the Unleashed series has the perfect balance of pop and responsiveness to make all of it a breeze.

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