Nikolai Schirmer Reveals How To Become A Pro Skier

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We’ve all once dreamt of packing in the day job and heading out to the mountains in search of becoming a professional skier. Free skis, endless powder runs and enough Red Bull to give a Rhino heart palpitations: the life of a pro skier has been painted to be the dream life. Just throw a few cliff hucks, slap some stickers on your skis and you’re good to go.

But, fear not, as the Norwegian rocket, Nikolai Schirmer, is here to level with us in his latest epic film ‘How To Be A Professional Skier’.

While out in the Lyngen Alps of Norway, during the filming of a backcountry ski segment for the legendary ski movie production house Matchstick Productions, Nikolai Schirmer and Hedvig Wessel explore what it takes to become a pro skier.

From accepting – and talking about – their privileged upbringings, missing out on Freeride World Tour championships and the constantly evolving world of social media, the film shows us the real steps it takes to reach that esteemed ‘pro’ status.

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