January 27, 2023

Meet The UK’s Mountain Dogs

Credit: Hannah Bailey

Charlie with Martin Searle

Martin is a former Outdoor Guide and long-term member of Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team.

“Charlie has had two ski touring seasons. He was just over a year old for his first, but soon learntto run along with the skis instead of in front of them. He is a short-coated dog so he feels thecold. We always have a coat for him and as long he is warm he is super happy on the hills. He loves snow. Pointers have huge, slightly webbed, feet so are great in water and on snow and they just love to run. Alongside a bike, person or skis, he is happy!”

Credit: Hannah Bailey

Meg with Alison Smith

Alison is a trained handler for SARDA.

“Meg is a four-year-old border collie. She’s a trained Search and Rescue Dog who enjoys being outside in any weather, especially when there is snow about. She has been out ski touring during the last couple of winters, and she loves diving into the snow head first and rolling over and over covering herself in snow. She’s a happy snow dog!”

Credit: Hannah Bailey

Yogi with Jonny Barr

Jonny is the founder of UpBattle Splitboarding.

“Yogi started out in the snowy mountains when he was just two with me and his brother Jakewho also loves splitboarding. As long as we keep him covered with a coat the snow doesn’t ball up on him, so he’s happy to play and jump about doing his thing. He stays quite close and is a bit of a dafty, so you have to watch him and not shred off too fast. What makes him a good touring dog? Just look at him, you cannae leave him at home when he can be out having a blast with us.”

Credit: Hannah Bailey

Bailey, Ice and Cubes with Nicola Tannahill

Nicola is the owner of Aviemore Ski School.

“Bailey was born to be a snow dog. She hates the heat so can’t get enough of the snow. She is in her element when the flakes start to fall, and loves digging and breaking trail. Her favourite thingto do though is catching snowballs. Ice and Cube also tour, but it’s Bailey who leads the pack.”

Credit: Hannah Bailey

Strugi with Colin Matthew

Colin is the Head ofTechnical Operations at Cairngorm Mountain.

“When I go out on the hill with Strugi, he is always under very close control or on a leash. With his fluro jacket he is very visible, and the hope is it demonstrates how to keep your dog safe and under control when in and around a busy ski area.”

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