Loïc Bruni Shares Images From Brutal Fort William Crash

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Credit: Loïc Bruni (Instagram)

French mountain biker Loïc Bruni has taken to social media, and been sharing some photos of his massive crash at the Fort William DH World Cup in May. Needless to say, when you consider the incident left Bruni with a broken collarbone and forced him to sit out the Scottish Highland’s famous racing weekend, the images (captured on his GoPro) are pretty spectacular.

“Yoga for the day. My @gopro flew off when I crashed and I still got to film it from an interesting angle. The bike went flying on this one,” Bruni wrote on his Instagram (@loicbruni29). As you can see as you work your way through the images here, the words “bike went flying on this one” are something of an understatement. Never, in the history of planet earth, have shots featuring a mountain bike given off more of a “I have to go now, my planet needs me” vibe.

Loïc, of course, is still out of action following this crash. We send him our best as he travels down the road of recovery, and hope he’s back shredding up the world’s courses soon. In the meantime, stick on your favourite punk and / or grunge tune and look at these crash stills. They’re masterpieces. Give them highbrow names like ‘The Fall of Man’ and ‘The Persistence of Gravity’, and hang them up in your local gallery asap. They’re guaranteed to win one of those art awards we’ve forgotten the name of.

You can also, if you’d like, watch the crash itself down at the bottom of this article.

Credit: Loïc Bruni (Instagram)
Credit: Loïc Bruni (Instagram)
Credit: Loïc Bruni (Instagram)
Credit: Loïc Bruni (Instagram)

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