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Why we chose the Leki Airfoil 3D: Lightweight, snappy, safe 

Weight: 254g
Lengths: 110 – 135 cm (5 cm steps)
Price: £275


When a brand stays laser-focused in producing a specific bit of ski gear, you know they’re going to create some quality equipment. This is the case with Look perfecting their ski binding offering, or Faction dialling in the perfect ski quiver – and it’s certainly the case for Leki who chase the tireless goal of creating the best ski poles in the business. From world cup winning athletes to wild Alaskan freeriding, the experience really shows in what they do.

“It’s got all the signature Leki designs and top notch construction”

Now, this is where the Leki Airfoil 3D ski pole comes in. It’s got all the signature Leki designs, and top notch construction, to make it a fantastic ski pole that can be relied on when you’re making short, snappy turns on the piste. Let’s dive into that construction.


Leki have quickly become known for their Trigger System which, thanks to the safe and reliable release, can help to protect you from the classic skiers’ thumb injury that’s so common when using traditional ski straps.

The Trigger System, if you’ve never seen it before, works by providing a connection to the pole between your thumb and index finger. This is achieved through a loop (either on your Leki-specific gloves, or on the strap) clicking into a latch found at the top of the pole. It offers a direct connection to the pole and, with a simple press of a tab found on the top of the pole, provides a quick click in and out – ideal for fast chairlift changeovers.

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