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Why we chose the K2 Revolver Pro: Classic, comfortable, smooth flex

Flex: 5/10 (Roughly 100)
Last: 99mm
Construction: 3-Piece
Outsole: Alpine
Weight (per boot): 2,000g
Price: $500


I’m sure I speak for every freeskier when I say that we all still feel a small amount of heartbreak whenever Full Tilt’s name is mentioned. Since the events between K2 and Full Tilt occurred howver, a rebranded range of ski boots has hit the market and it’s difficult to dislike them. Whether you’re skiing in the park, skiing on moguls, skiing ariels, or even just want a dead comfortable 3 piece boot, the Revolver is the tool for you.

Serving up a refined version of the original pioneer of the three piece construction, K2 have kept the exact construction in the Revolver (as it is so popular among the freeskiing community). A cuff and a clog provide the main structure to the boot, like a regular two piece, however a separate and interchangeable tongue is added to provide a much bigger opening to slide the foot into the boot (as well as deliver a much more consistent linear flex pattern).

This less distorted flex pattern is so common among freeskiers because of its predictability when put under extreme amounts of force from big impacts such as landings. The Revolver comes with a 5/10 flex rated tongue, which is equivalent to roughly a 100 flex, giving it a super playful feel when in the park. However, it’s worth pointing out that stiff tongues are available to purchase and can be interchanged in less than a minute if desired.

A 99mm last provides a low-medium volume fit straight out of the box, which can be customised by a professional boot-fitter thanks to the fully custom shell. Intuition liners are also provided, and renowned in the industry as being the best fitting liners (after a full heat moulding is done in approximately 6-8 minutes).

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