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Packaged in a pebax shell, found in the Mindbender collection, this shell material helps reduce the weight significantly. It’s also fully mouldable by boot fitting professionals, for anyone who looking to fine tune the fit and optimise comfort for long days on the hill.

Out of the box, the Dispatch measures in with a 100mm last width. The anatomically developed shell delivers firm heel hold for a medium-lasted boot which, in turn, prevents heel rubbing when you’re performing strides up the snow. With the development of a new boot comes a new liner too, K2’s Tourfit Liner is an ultra-light, fully mouldable, liner which is designed to deliver comfort right from the word go. It has the properties to be custom fit around common irregularities in the typical skier’s feet.

Designed outright for touring and backcountry performance, the Dispatch is tailored for the feet of skiers who will want to use this boot as their daily driver. Ideal if every day in the mountains involves touring missions, and little to no lift usage. 60 degrees range of motion when in walk mode, and ISO 9523 soles make for a fantastic touring boot.

In the market for a touring boot that will maximise uphill efficiency and powder performance in the same package? Look no further than K2’s new creation. 

Touring: 8/10
Power: 8/10
Comfort: 9/10

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