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Why we chose the Black Crows Navis Freebird: Classic, nimble, powerful 

Lengths (cm): 167, 173, 179 & 185
Sidecut (mm): 136 / 102 / 116
Radius: 19 m
Rocker Profile: Rocker-Camber-Rocker
Weight (per ski): 1,700g
Price: £720


The fluro-green look of the Navis Freebird has kind of become synonymous with the European touring scene. Spend a bit of time on a classic ski tour in the Alps and you’re almost certain to come across someone lugging a pair of these uphill. And this thanks, in part, to some savvy marketing by Chamonix-based Black Crows, but it’s also thanks to the ski’s ideal blend of versatility and low weight which makes for an extremely confident touring ski, no matter what the conditions or where on the mountain you’re touring.

black crows Navis Freebird Build

The heart of the Navis Freebird is made up from a series of paulownia and poplar strips that have been laminated together to provide lightweight power towards the edges (thanks to paulownia), while a poplar strip in the middle helps to keep weight to a minimum.

Fibreglass laminates then top this core material to provide the power and dampening required to help keep the skis tracking confidently through a range of snow conditions. Carbon stringers sit on top of this fibreglass laminate to provide a snappy energy return, while still keeping the weight to a minimum. The cherry on top of the carbon and fibreglass cake is then a titanal reinforcement under the bindings which not only helps to reduce the chance of screws ripping out (especially when using lightweight touring bindings) while also directing the energy to the edge directly underfoot.

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