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You can now access your Apple Music account on LG smart TVs even if you don’t have an Apple TV. The music streaming service is now available for all the brand’s TVs running webOS version 4.0 and higher, over a year after it made its debut on TV platforms with Samsung. Since webOS 4.0 only rolled out in 2018, the Apple Music app will most likely be accessible on newer models.

If your TV can run Apple Music, you’ll find yourself faced with an interface and navigation similar to what you’ll see if you were using an Apple TV. They’re also visually similar to the Apple Music experience on iPads, iPhones, Android devices and PC. The service’s app for LG can access all its songs, playlists, 4K music videos and livestreamed Apple Music Radio. It supports tracks with time-synced lyrics, as well, so you can sing along while reading the lines on a big screen. 

The app’s release on LG smart TVs stays true to Apple’s strategy of focusing more attention on its services and making them available on non-Apple hardware. That way, the tech giant can reach more potential customers who aren’t married to Apple devices and can work towards making its services more veritable rivals to competitors like Spotify and Netflix. 

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