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There should be at least one unionized Amazon warehouse in the US. CNBC reports Workers at the company’s JFK8 facility in Staten Island have voted 2,350-1,912 in favor of joining a union in a late March election. While the official count isn’t yet available, the remaining uncounted and challenged ballots aren’t expected to sway the outcome.

The decision came after numerous challenges. Workers had to file a second petition with the National Labor Relations Board after they didn’t get enough signatures last fall. The NLRB has also accused Amazon of interfering with unionization efforts at JFK8, including firing pro-union workers and intimidating them through surveillance and questioning.

The Amazon Labor Union at the heart of the vote has made multiple demands. It seeks higher pay, “more reasonable” productivity targets and additional time off.

We’ve asked Amazon for comment. It’s likely to be unhappy with the results, though. Amazon spent $4.3 million on anti-union consultants just in 2021, and the internet shopping giant was accused of interference elsewhere. The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union even claimed Amazon interfered with a second unionization vote in Bessemer, Alabama that the NLRB deemed necessary due to obstruction during the first election.


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