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Crystal Dynamics has “just started development” on a new Tomb Raider game, the studio today on Twitter. It didn’t share what the game will be called nor when fans can expect to play it, but it did note that it will run on Epic’s new . After working on the mediocre , the project will see Crystal Dynamics return to the franchise it spent more than a decade making popular again.

It would also appear to signal the end of the studio’s in-house Foundation engine, which powered and the most recent mainline entry in the series, 2018’s . Crystal Dynamics said the move to UE5 would help the studio take its “storytelling to the next level.” The next Tomb Raider joins a handful of games already announced for UE5. Those include the next and . Of that group, only the latter has a release date, with Chinese developer Game Science Studio aiming to get it out sometime in 2023.

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